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Belgrade (RS)

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The newest (and most fun?) way to discover a city is by e-scooter, or kick-scooter as some call it. It is for sure one of the easiest ways too. Just get on it and go. This tour includes the must-see highlights of Belgrade and gives you a good and quick 3-hour introduction of Belgrade. It will explain how Belgrade started, what it has been through and how it is now. The tour will also give an idea about the daily life in Belgrade: the markets, the food, the economy, etc.The stories, like on all tours, are told in a fun and interesting way without getting boring. 

We will visit the cobbled streets of the lively bohemian quarter, a former famous gathering spot of the artist of Belgrade. We will pass the Kalemegdan fortress, the Parliament building and the City Hall which used to be the former residence of one of the Serbian Royal dynasties, where the king was thrown from the balcony. Jokingly we refer to it as King’s Landing. Other stops include the building of the national Television, which was bombed by Nato in 1999 and still looks like it happened yesterday. 

The tour will take about 3 hours and finishes at the USCE shopping center. The ride is mostly through one-way streets and parks, so safe and easy and do-able for everybody who is ok with riding en e-scooter. We will do a short try-out session first and you will get a helmet to wear, so it’s as safe as it gets.   


1. Start at USCE shopping Center 

2. Knez Mihailova (heart of Belgrade) 

3. Kalemegdan fortress 

4. Monument of Victor 

5. Strahinjica Bana 

6. Skadarlija 

7. Ice cream / coffee break 

8. Cjetinska 15 Nightlife area 

9. Parliament 

10. St. Marko church 

11. RTS building 

12. King’s landing 

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The most fun and fastest way to fly through town


See the most impressive buildings in the old town


Visit the bohemian district with all its bars and restaurant


By far the biggest and best city of the Balkans

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About Belgrade

About Belgrade

‘The New Berlin’. ‘Party capital of Europe’. ‘The Wild East’; Belgrade is called many names. But if you really want to know what makes Belgrade so special and why you need to visit it you will need to come over and experience it yourself. And give it a name yourself.

One thing is sure about Belgrade: it is the city of contradictions: it’s raw and elegant, it’s rich and poor, it’s exiting and boring, it’s moving forward and backwards, it’s the place people want to go to and want to leave from. And you can love it and hate it at the same time.

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