Terms & Conditions

Based on the article 56 of the Tourism law ("Sl. glasnik RS", br. 36/2009, 88/2010, 99/2011 - dr. zakon, 93/2012 i 84/2015) director of Travel agency “Note Differently doo “in Belgrade on 01.05.2019 declares following:



Travel application for a travel organized by Tour Organizer Note Differently doo (hereinafter Organizer), can be done in writing, through an email or fax or by appliing in person in Organizer’s office or with other authorized agencies (hereinafter Agent). When Agent doesn’t mark its role as an intermediary in Travel itinerary, he is responsible for execution of the Travel program as organizer. Application becomes valid in the moment of booking confirmation by IT for which Traveller has previously applied electronically.

At the moment of applying, it is required that Traveller pays 50% of the Travel price, if it’s not settled differently by the Travel itinerary. The rest of the agreed price should be paid at least 15 days before the start of the tour.

If Traveller doesn’t make payment in full it will be considered as Travel cancelation.

Agreement creates legal effect not only towards the Traveller, but also towards other users of the Travel for which Traveller, as group representative, has indicated in the application so that the payments, cancellations, and the same legal consequences apply to all travellers. This particularly applies to the previous introduction to the program and the General Travel Terms, and it is considered that they are delivered and accepted by all travellers from the Agreement.

For the timeliness of payment is only mandatory date of payment to the account of Organizer or Agent. In case of delayed payment in full, advance payment or payment of the remaining part of the payment arrangements, IT can withdraw from the Agreement and claim compensation in accordance with section 8 of these General Travel Terms.


- To realize reserved and paid Travel in accordance with the Travel Itinerary. In the event that Organizer does not realize the trip as a whole, Organizer is bound to reimburse to Traveller share of money paid for the unrealized part of Travel, based on written (electronically) timely complaint, in accordance with the law and the General Travel Terms, unless the flaws in execution of the Agreement emerged: the Traveller’s fault or attributed to a third person who was not directly contracted provider in the Travel Itinerary, force majeure or unforeseeable events to which IT has no influence and whose consequences are inevitable despite use of due diligence or other events that Organizer could not foresee,

- To make General Travel Terms and Travel Itinerary accessible to the Traveller,

- To take care about the rights and interests of Traveller in accordance with good business practices in this field,

- Before the Travel to inform the Traveller about the name, address and contact number of a local representative or local partner agency and if necessary give address and contact number of Organzier for urgent cases,

- Not to be responsible for services provided to the Traveller by third parties outside of Travel Itinerary

- for any verbal (non-written) information that differs from the ones in the Travel Itinerary, Contract or General Terms not to be binding towards the Organier and to be basis for any complaint or reclamation of passengers.


- To inform oneself in details, as well as other persons from the Agreement, with the General Travel Terms and with Travel Itinerary, and if Traveller has special requests which are not covered by the Travel Itinerary, to make timely instructions prior the Agreement conclusion,

- It is Traveller’s sole responsibility to get an optional travel insurance policy as such insurance is not provided by the Organizer,

- To pay the price of the Travel in full, in accordance to the Travel Itinerary,

- To deliver to the Organizer during the booking procedure of the Travel accurate and complete information and documents necessary for the realization of the Travel and warrants that one, ones ID, luggage and personal items meet the regulations set forth the conditions of the territory through which the Travel is realized (border regulations, customs regulations, sanitary regulations, currency regulations and other),

- Traveller is responsible for his behavior during the Travel. In the case that IT assesses that Traveller behaves inappropriate and disturbs order in the places that are visited, especially when it comes to religious and cultural sites, such a traveller will be denied of further use of the Travel without right to a refund,

- It is Traveller’s sole responsibility for all damages made to IT or third parties during the Travel and it’s compulsory to reimburse all the damages on the spot,

- Traveller may designate another person to use the Travel instead (with the condition that the person meets the requirements determined for that particular travel), in which case the Traveller is obliged to reimburse the IT real costs caused by the replacement. Traveller guarantees for third party obligations towards IT, in case of replacement.

- To make valid complaint on the spot in writing to the Organizer or a contact stated in the Travel documentation,

- To seek for information from the Organizer about the exact time and place of the departure for the start of the Travel and the exact time and place of the departure when returning from the Travel, between 24h and 48h before the scheduled departure date,

- To obey the departure times and in the case of late arrival it will be considered that the Traveller has given up the Travel and there will be no possibility of refund.

- To obey the departure times for the excursions and in the case of being late it will be considered that the Traveller has given up the Travel and there will be no possibility of refund.


Prices are displayed in a foreign currency, and if the payment is made by Traveller - resident, the price will be calculated at the exchange rate of the Organizer’s bank rate or exchange rate stated in the Travel Itnerrary   if nor arranged differently. Prices are formed based on Organizer’s business policy and as such cannot be the subject of complaints of Traveller.

Price includes pre-arranged and published combination of at least two or more services such as: guiding, transportation, preparation and organization of Travel, for which it has been agreed that a single price is paid by Traveller.

Price does not include (unless otherwise stated in the Travel Itinerary): meals, accommodation, entrance fees, tourist taxes, the services of local guides, travel insurance, personal expenses and all other expenses not specified as included in the price of the Travel.

Organizer cannot be responsible for facultative and subsequently conducted services at the request of the Traveller, which are provided and directly billed by the service provider, and which were not included in the Travel Itinerary.


Organizer may require an increase in the agreed price if after the conclusion of the Agreement was a change in currency exchange rates or changes in the tariffs of carriers which affect the cost of Travel, as well as in other cases provided by law. Organizer is obliged to inform the Traveller about the price increase, electronically, without delay, upon learning the causes that have led to an increase in price.

To increase the price up to 10% special Traveller’s approval is not required, and if an increase in the total of agreed price exceeds 10%, the Traveller can terminate the Agreement without liability for damages, but no later than 48 hours after the notification by electronic mean of increased price, in which case is entitled to a refund of what he paid to Organizer, and within 8 days from the written cancellation in electronic form to the email address If Traveller doesn’t inform Organizer in writing about cancelation of the Agreement within the indicated period it shall be taken that Traveller has accepted the new price.

Organizer may at any time, depending on market conditions and their own business policy, reduce the cost of Travel. Impairment works only in the future and has no effect on already concluded Agreements, and cannot form the basis of any claims to the Organizer for a refund of any difference in price.


Organizer can cancel the Travel completely or partially in the case of extraordinary circumstances that if existed at the time of publication of the Travel Itinerary would be justified reason for Organizer not to publish the Travel Itinerary or to conclude Agreements.

The organizer reserves the right to change the date or hour of travel, as well as the right to change the travel route if conditions change for the trip (closed roads, the security situation, natural disasters or other extraordinary circumstances) without any obligation to pay damages, or paying any compensation to the traveller.

Arranged accommodation can be replaced only by the accommodation facility in the same or higher category, at the expense of Organizer. The Traveller is obliged to accept a change of accommodation in another establishment of the same or higher category in the same place. Accommodation facilities in the lower categories can be made only with the consent of the Traveller and with the payment of compensation to the Traveller proportionally in accordance to the lower accommodation facility.

Organizer does not take any responsibilities for changes in the Itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances and force majeure during the Travel.

If the Travel is interrupted from justified reasons, Organizer has the right to remuneration for services actually given.

Organizer is entitled to cancel the Travel in case of insufficient number of travellers stated in the Travel Itinerrary, if it’s a group travel, which is bound to inform travellers at least 3 days before the scheduled start of the journey and shall perform refund of funds paid by Traveller in full no later than 15 days from the day of cancellation.

Organizer is relieved to fulfill the Agreement if Traveller, in case of group Travel, disturbs realization of travel with coarse and indecent behavior, who disregards previous warnings. In that case Traveller has the obligation to compensate the organizer for caused damage, if responsible for damage.


The Traveller has the right to cancel the Travel, for which is required to inform Organizer in writing (by email). Date when the cancelation email is received is basis for calculating the compensation that belongs to Organizer expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the Travel:

- For cancelation 45 or more days before the Travel starting date Organizer keeps 10% of the Travel price

- For cancelation between 30 and 44 days before the Travel starting date Organizer keeps 30% of the Travel price

- For cancelation between 7 and 29 days before the Travel starting date Organizer keeps 50% of the Travel price

- For cancelation between 6 days and 1 day before the Travel starting date Organizer keeps 80% of the Travel price

- In case of no show or cancelation on the day of the Travel Organizer keeps 100% of the Travel price

Following changes made by the Traveller shall be deemed as a waiver of the Traveller: change of the agreed starting or ending point, change of the Travel date, change of transportation, change of accommodation or not acquiring visa of Republic of Serbia, not paying the agreed price in full, or similar.

The Traveller is obliged to compensate Organizer only for made expenses (transportation, lodging, travel arrangements etc.), If the cancellation is due to:

- sudden illness of: traveller, spouse, child, parent, traveller’s siblings, adoptees and adoptive parents,

- death of a: traveller, spouse, child, parent, traveller’s siblings, adoptees and adoptive,

- conscription or natural disaster or state of emergency was officially declared by the country of travel.

In these cases, the Traveller is obliged to submit the proof to Organizer from health insurance which entitles him the rights on the basis of temporary incapacity for work (a certificate of the chosen doctor in the field of general medicine or discharge papers from stationary medical institutions which explicitly confirms the sudden illness and the inability to travel), or death certificate, or conscription. It cannot be justified by reasons for the cancellation or interruption of Travel cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infection, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climate conditions and similar, which is not declared as a state of emergency by the competent national authority of the domicile or the country of travel.

Sudden illness considers by authorized doctors discovered a sudden and unexpected illness, or infectious disease or an organic disorder, which occurred after the conclusion of the Agreement and is not associated with, nor is it the result of a previous state of health, and of such a nature that requires treatment, hospitalization and prevents the start - the use of Travel. In these cases, the Traveller is obliged to submit written evidence to Organizer. If Traveller who canceled the Travel from above mentioned reasons, manages to provide adequate replacement or replacement is found by Organizer, Organizer is obligated to refund the funds paid in the total amount, after deducting only actual and committed costs (transaction fees, visa of the Republic of Serbia and similar) to the Traveller.

Weather conditions at the destination (e.g., rain, snow, wind) are not reasons to cancel the Agreement and article 7 of these General Travel Terms will be applied.

If the cancelled Travel is insured with cancellation insurance, Traveller should make its claims directly with the insurance company


The Travel price does not include travel insurance, cancellation insurance and baggage insurance. Organizer advises the conclusion of travel cancellation insurance, baggage insurance, travel liability insurance, health insurance and insurance against accidents.

The insurance agreement is concluded only between Traveller and insurance companies, where potential claims are claimed directly. The traveller needs to read the insurance terms and obligations under the insurance agreement. Package of travel insurance does not cover mandatory health insurance, and the Traveller is advised to provide the same, otherwise it may be the reason for local or foreign border authorities not to permit further travel, or traveller must pay the significant costs of possible medical treatment.

Note Differently doo has a travel guarantee in case of insolvency and public liability coverage, insurance policy number code 30000011940 issued 08.04.2019. concluded with joint stock insurance company „Milenijum osiguranje”, Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 3B, 11000 Belgrade. This policy shall ensure: 1) Claims incurred due to the inability of the insured as a travel organizer due to insolvency to cover the cost of necessary accommodation, meals and return of travellers, to the place of departure in the country and abroad. 2) Statutory civil liability of the insured, as a travel agency for damage caused to the traveller by nonperforming, partial performing or untimely fulfillment of the obligations that are determined in General Travel Terms and Travel Itinerary. Contracted overall single limit coverage under the policy in the amount of € 300,000 in dinar equivalent at the date of calculation of compensation from insurance. Limit exhausts the payment of damages.

In case if insured event occurs as a result of the insolvency of Organizer the Traveller can address to the Milenijum Osiguranje ado and policy can be activated by calling the phone number (011 7152300) or via email (


The Traveller is obliged to promptly communicate to the local representative of Organizer with reasonable complaint, and if the representative is not available, then to the direct service provider (carrier, hotel, restaurant...), or if these persons are not listed in the travel documents then directly to Organizer. For assistance, emergency and other cases, as well for complaints the Traveller can contact Organizer by phone at +381669008386, every day from 9:30 to 19h, Central European Time or via email at In case of emergency or similar cases it’s required that Traveller indicates the booking confirmation number, travel place, the name of the accommodation facility, travellers’ names, address, or phone number through which they can be contacted.

The Traveller is obliged to cooperate and to wait until the reasonable complaint is sorted on the spot within the range of 24-48 hours from the time of filing the complaint (e.g. Refrigerator malfunction, power or water outage, poorly cleaned apartment or other) and accept the proposed solution corresponding to the agreed service.

If the cause of the complaint is not resolved on the spot, Traveller together with representative of Organizer or with the direct provider of the services (accommodation, transport and other services from the Itinerary) creates written note in two copies which are signed by both parties. Traveller holds one copy of this note.

If the cause of the complaint is resolved on the spot, it is required that Traveller signs a confirmation of the same, otherwise the fact that Traveller continued using adequate alternative will be considered as fully completion of Travel Itinerary.

Local representatives are not entitled to accept any claims for compensation, only Organizer is entitled to do so.

Traveller may not claim the price reduction in any proportion, agreement termination and compensation if with negligence and with omissions in the defined manner, on the spot, without delay and promptly notifies the authorized representative of Organizer about deficiencies between the delivered services and agreed services.

If the deficiencies are not solved on the spot, Traveller is obliged within eight days from the Travel ending date, exclusively to Organizer, to file reasonable and documented complaint (a written complaint made on the spot, receipts of paid costs, request listed by the types of undelivered services with facts specified and quantified in relation to each passenger individually, witnesses and other evidence) and to request a refund of the difference in price between the agreed and delivered or partially delivered services. Every Traveller files on his own behalf and on behalf of a person from Agreement or on behalf of person with power of authority a complaint individually, because Organizer will not consider group complaints.

Complaints and other procedures Traveller is required to submit electronically to the address In addition to the complaints, other scanned documents supporting the request of the Traveller must be submitted (invoices, the complaint made on the spot, witness statements ...).

Organizer is obliged to take into consideration only timely, reasonable and documented complaints by the Traveller, which could not be solved in the course of the Travel on the spot.

Organizer shall, within 15 days, submit a response to the Traveller by e-mail to the address from which the complaint has arrived. And if the complaint is accepted Organizer will indemnify Traveller proportionally for unfulfilled service, with a payment of the difference in price, as of the date of receipt of the complete complaint

If the complaint is not complete and it should be regulated, Organizer will reply to the Traveller that the complaint should be completed within the due date with the consequence of omission.

Organizer will in accordance with good business practices within the stipulated time respond to the Traveller even for complaints that are untimely, groundless or incomplete.

Price reduction after Traveller’s complaint can reach only the amount of the part of the service which failed to be delivered, but cannot cover already used services, nor reach the total amount of agreed price. The refund, which is paid after reasonable and timely complaint, is proportional to the degree of undelivered or partially delivered services.

Should the Traveller accept the proportional refund, or other form of remuneration, implies that he agrees with the proposal of Organizer for a peaceful solution of the dispute, and thus waives all further claims against Organizer in connection with the contentious relationship regardless of the fact whether it has signed written confirmation of the refunding of the clause on the final dismissal of mutual disputes.

Any Traveller’s request for initiating proceedings in front third parties before the deadline for resolving complaint, shall be considered premature.


All the services mentioned in the Travel Itinerary consider the standard services of average quality, common and specific to certain destinations, places, and objects. Organizer is not responsible for the description of services in catalogs - publications or on the website of the Agent and direct service providers (hotels, carriers, caterers ...), unless the Traveller is not specifically addressed to them.

Organizer’s website is of an informative character. Although it is regularly update there is a possibility that same information can be outdated. Orgainizer’s catalogs – publications are of an informative character and there is a possibility that same information can be outdated. All the information should be chechked diregtly with the Organizer. Organizer is only responsible for the descriptions of the services defined in the Itinerrary, where obvious typographical errors or calculation errors entitle Organizer to deny the Agreement.

Accommodation, transportation and other services are described according to the official categorization of the country of domicile at the time of Travel publication; those are different and not comparable by destination, not even in the same destination.

Start and end dates of the Travel do not consider an all-day-stay in the accommodation facility or destination. Time of departure or arrival of Traveller and Traveller’s entering or exiting from accommodation is conditioned by the policy of designated accommodation, road conditions, technical and weather conditions or force majeure that may affect the time of departure or arrival that Organizer cannot influence, and therefore in such cases Organizer is not responsible.

Tourist guide services during the Travel does not imply that he will be with travellers during the whole period of 24 hours, but will be with them during the trip, as well as at sites that are visited in organized manner. Tourist guide is not required to be with the guests in the period labeled as "free time" in the Travel Itinerary, but he will be available at that time by phone in case his help is needed, and he is obliged in case of emergency (emergency medical reasons, loss of documents, the problem with accommodation, etc.) to put himself at Traveller’s disposal as soon as possible.


Accommodation can vary by type: hotels, guesthouses or households. Common to all is that they are official units categorized according to the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia or any other country where the Travel is realized. Types of rooms are determined by the reception desk or by the owner of the household. The Traveller will be accommodated in any officially registered accommodation unit in the accommodation facility described in the Travel Itinerary, regardless of the characteristics of travellers, the location and position of the object, floors, proximity to noise, parking and others. The Traveller undertakes the responsibility to know and to respect the rules of conduct in the accommodation facility in particular to: depositing and keeping money and valuables, food and drinks in the room, respecting the house rules, accommodation and leaving the room at a certain time, the number of people in the room and others, because Organizer is not responsible for any damages arising therefrom.

Meals can be realized in two ways, as part of the Travel Itinerary or as an additional service that is not included in the Travel Itinerary which are realized by third parties -caterers. If meals are part of the Travel Itinerary, it is either part of the service provided by accommodation facilities: hotels, guesthouses, households, or it is a separate service provided for the occasion especially hired caterer (restaurant, farm, and winery). If meal is a separate service provided by specifically hired caterer, menu can be arranged at the request of the Traveller prior to the conclusion of the Agreement and then it becomes an integral part of it. Meals in hotels, boarding houses and households are prepared under the basic policy of the house and Organizer has no influence on their composition. Meals are prepared in accordance with the usual nutritional habits of the area where the Travel is realized, if the Traveller has some special requirements with regard to nutrition (health, religious or other reasons), it is necessary to emphasize when negotiating Travel, otherwise Organizer will not be held responsible for not meeting these requirements and such complaints will not be considered reasonable.

Transportation is realized with vehicles hired from third parties or carriers. The Travel is realized by private car, mini-van and van, except that, where applicable, may engage larger vehicles when required by a specific Travel and when it is defined in the Travel Itinerary. The Traveller has the obligation to behave appropriately in the vehicle and to respect traffic regulations; otherwise Organizer has the right not to accept Traveller to the vehicle or to remove him from the vehicle in the presence of the police, where further transport to the destination will not be the responsibility of Organizer. If Traveller cancels further Travel as a result of removal from the vehicle in previously described case, the scale of cancellation referred to in section 7 of the General Travel Terms will be applied. The travel direction, breaks, place and their length is determined by a guide / driver. The Guide / driver has the right due to unforeseen, unavoidable or security and similar circumstances, to change the timetable, itinerary or the sequence of site visits.


It is the sole responsibility of the Traveller to be informed about the visa regime between country of origin and the Republic of Serbia. Organizer is not responsible and is not obliged to inform Travellers with the requirements (visa, customs, health, etc.) that apply between the country of domicile of the Traveller and Republic of Serbia, as well as the country of destination or transit, it is the responsibility of the Traveller to inform himself with the respective consulate and to provide all necessary terms and documents in a timely and orderly manner. Should the Traveller during Travel lose travel documents or if those are stolen, shall at his own expense promptly provide new ones and shall accept all consequences which arose as a result of that.

It is required before concluding the Agreement that the Traveller states the specific needs and services related to his medical condition, such as specific dietary needs or accommodation characteristics due to chronic illness, allergies, disabilities, etc. otherwise IT does not undertake any special obligation, liability or compensation in connection to that.

The Traveller is obliged to strictly respect customs, foreign exchange and other regulations of Republic of Serbia, transit countries and countries of destination and in if further travel or stay is suspended due to disrespect of regulations mentioned above, all consequences and costs will be submitted on Traveller’s own expense.

If the Travel cannot be realized due to the omission of the Traveller in respect to the provisions of this part of the Terms, the provisions of section 7 of the General Travel Terms will apply.


Luggage allowance with any bus carries is 2 pieces of luggage per traveller. Children upto 2 years of age do not have luggage allowance. It is Traveller’s obligation to take care of all of its belongings placed in the travel vehicle, in the accommodation facility and on the way from the vehicle to the accommodation (carrier should park the vehicle as close as possible to the accommodation facility). Organizor is not liabe for loss or damage of Traveller’s luggage nor for the belongings that are forgotten in the travel vehicle.

Any Traveller’s claim should be directed to the carrier, accommodation service provider or insurance in accordance with valid domestic or international regulations.


Travel Itinerary at the request of the Traveller: Individual travel (hereinafter: the Itinerary upon request) of the Traveller is a combination of two or more services, which are not included in the offer of the Organizer, or the Organizer has not previously published it, but it is made at the request of Traveller.

General Travel Terms are applied to Itinerary upon request travels, unless different is regulated with this section. Single services and Reservation upon request: If Traveller books or agrees only on one service, Organizer acts as an intermediary for the third-party services (hereinafter: Broker).

For individual services and Reservations upon request Traveller deposits in respect of booking costs amount which may not be less than € 50 and if the Traveller is resident then € 50 in RSD, equivalent to the mid exchange rate on the payment date. If the reservation is accepted by the Traveller, the deposit is included in the price of the service. If Organizer does not confirm the reservation within the stipulated period, the deposit is fully refunded to the Traveller. If the Traveller does not accept the offered or confirmed reservation, which is in full compliance with the requirements of Traveller, the amount of the deposit is retained by Organizer in complete.

Organizer except for gross inattention and negligence, is not responsible for defects, material and physical harm for individual travel services upon request of travellers, for which he is only an intermediary between the Traveller and direct service providers (e.g. individual accommodation services, transport, sports events tickets, excursions, rent-a-car, etc.). Obtaining proof for the agreed individual service shall enter into force on contractual relations exclusively between the Traveller and each individual service provider.


Traveler’s personal information that should be provided voluntarily by the Traveller will be treated strictly confidential. The traveller’s personal information is necessary in order to carry out the travel plan, in which case data such as addresses, place, time and cost of the trevel and names of other co-travellers will be given only to the persons that have legal right to obtain them.


The Organizer may in his Travel Itinerary or Special program determine provisions different from the ones stated in these General Terms and Conditions due to specific terms and regulations of direct service providers as well as due to special content of the tour (on the occasion of holding sport events, conferences and similar international events and in case of special forms of tourism – student tourism, hunting and fishing tourism, extreme sports, etc.) and which form an integral part of such contracts.

The provisions of these General Terms form an integral part of the Contract between the Traveler and the Organizer and are binding on both parties, with the exception of provisions more favorable to passengers, and defined in a separate written contract or travel program.

The inefficiency of certain provisions of the Agreement does not result in the inefficiency of the entire Travel Contract, which also applies to these General Terms and Conditions.

In case of dispute the territorial competent court is the court according to the seat of the Organizer.

Na osnovu člana 56 Zakona o turizmu (“Sl. glasnik RS”, broj 36/2009, 88 /2010, 93/2012 i 84/2015) direktor Turističke agencije “Note Differently doo “ iz Beograda dana 01.05.2019. godine utvrđuje sledeće



Prijavu za putovanje u organizaciji Organizatora putovanja Note Differently doo (u daljem tekstu Organizator), Putnik dostavlja pismenim putem, putem e-maila ili faksa ili prijavom u poslovnici ili sedištu Organizatora kao i u turističkim agencijama  koje imaju sa Organizatorom zakljčen ugovor o posrednoj prodaji putovanja (dalje:Posrednik). Ako posrednik u ugovoru-potvrdi, ne naznači svojstvo u kome nastupa,  posrednik u organizovanju putovanja smatra se kao organizator putovanja.

Prilikom prijave, Putnik je dužan uplatiti 50% od cene Putovanja, ako programom Putovanja nije drugačije određeno. Ostatak ugovorene cene, ako drugačije nije ugovoreno, plaća se 15 dana pre početka putovanja. Ukoliko Putnik, u roku ne izvrši uplatu u celosti, smatra se da je putovanje otkazao u skladu sa tačkom 7. Opštih uslova.

Ugovor proizvodi pravno dejstvo ne samo u odnosu na Putnika koji je poslao prijavu, već i prema ostalim korisnicima Putovanja koje je Putnik, kao predstavnik svoje grupe naznačio u prijavi, tako da se uplata, otkaz i pravne posledice istog odnose na sve putnike. Ovo se posebno odnosi na prethodno upoznavanje sa Programom i Opštim uslovima putovanja, te se smatra da su isti uručeni i prihvaćeni od strane svih Putnika iz Ugovora.

Za blagovremenost uplate merodavan je datum uplate na račun Organizatora ili Posrednika. U slučaju neblagovremene uplate u celosti, avansnog plaćanja ili plaćanja preostalog dela uplate aranžmana, Organizator može odustati od Ugovora i tražiti nadoknadu u skladu sa tačkom 7 ovih Opštih uslova.

Za blagovremenost uplate merodavan je datum uplate na račun Organizatora ili Posrednika. U slučaju neblagovremene uplate u celosti, avansnog plaćanja ili plaćanja preostalog dela uplate aranžmana, Organizator putovanja može odustati od Ugovora i tražiti nadoknadu u skladu sa tačkom 7. ovih Opštih uslova.


- Da realizuje rezervisano i plaćeno Putovanje u skladu sa Programom putovanja. U slučaju da Organizator ne realizuje Putovanje u celosti, Organizator je dužan da korisniku refundira srazmeran deo uplaćenog novca za nerealizovani deo Putovanja, a na osnovu pisane blagovremene reklamacije Putnika, u skladu sa zakonom i Opštim uslovima putovanja, osim ako su propusti u izvršenju Ugovora nastali: krivicom Putnika ili se pripisuju trećem licu koje nije bilo ugovoreni neposredni pružalac usluga u realizaciji Programa, delovanjem više sile ili nepredviđenih događaja na koje Organizator nema uticaja i čije su posledice neizbežne uprkos primeni dužne pažnje ili nekim drugim događajima koje Organizator nije mogao predvideti.

-  Da Putniku učini dostupnim Opšte uslove i Program putovanja,

-  Da saglasno dobrim poslovnim običajima u ovoj oblasti da se stara o pravima i interesima Putnika,

- Da pre polaska na put dostavi ime, adresu i broj telefona lokalnog predstavnika, odnosno lokalne agencije partnera, a izuzetno i po potrebi adresu i broj telefona Organizatora za nužnu pomoć Putniku;

- Da ne odgovara za usluge pružene Putniku od strane drugih lica van Programa,

- Da sve usmene i bilo koje druge vrste  informacije, koje se razlikuju od onih koje su sadržane u Programu, Ugovoru ili Posebnom ugovoru i ovim Opštim uslovima, ne obavezuju Organizatora i ne mogu biti osnov za isticanje prigovora ili reklamacije putnika.


- Da se detaljno upozna, kao i sva lica iz Ugovora, sa Programom i Opštim uslovima, a da ukoliko Putnik ima posebne zahteve koji nisu obuhvaćeni Programom ih blagovremeno uputi pre zaključenja Ugovora,

- Da sam obezbedi fakultativne polise putnog osiguranja, jer iste ne obezbeđuje i za njih ne odgovara Organizator,

- Da plati cenu Putovanja u celosti, a u skladu sa Programom,

- Da Organizatoru blagovremeno dostavi tačne i kompletne podatke i dokumenta potrebna za organizovanje putovanja i garantuje da on, njegove isprave, prtljag i dr. ispunjavaju uslove određene propisima naše, tranzitne i odredišne zemlje (granični, carinski, sanitarni, monetarni i drugi propisi),

- Putnik je odgovaran za ponašanje tokom realizacije Putovanja. U slučaju da Organizator proceni da je Putnikovo ponašanje nedolično i da remeti red na mestima koja se posećuju, naročito ako se radi o verskim i kulturnim objektima, takav Putnik će biti uskraćen daljeg korišćenja Putovanja bez prava na refundaciju.

- Putnik je odgovoran za svu štetu pričinjenu Organizatoru ili trećim licima tokom Putovanja i obavezan je da je nadoknadi na licu mesta.

- Putnik može odrediti drugo lice da umesto njega koristi Putovanje (uz uslov da to lice zadovoljava zahteve predviđene za određeno putovanje) u kom slučaju je Putnik u obavezi Organizatoru naknaditi stvarne troškove prouzrokovane zamenom. Putnik jemči za obaveze trećeg lica prema Organizatoru, za slučaj zamene,

- Da bez odlaganja na licu mesta opravdani prigovor saopšti po pravilu u pisanoj formi Organizatoru ili licima navedenim u putnoj dokumentaciji,

- Da se najkasnije 24 sata, ali ne ranije od 48 sati, informiše kod Organizatora o tačnom vremenu i mestu polaska i povratka sa putovanja;

- Da ispoštuje vreme polaska i povratka, a u slučaju kašnjenja smatraće se da je putnik odustao od putovanja i ne postoji mogućnost povraćaja novca,

- Da ispoštuje vreme polaska na obilazak određenog lokaliteta, a u slučaju kašnjenja smatraće se da je putnik odustao i ne postoji mogućnost povraćaja novca.


Cene su iskazane u stranoj valuti, a ukoliko se plaćanje vrši od strane Putnika – rezidenta cena će se obračunati po kursu poslovne banke Organizatora na dan uplate ili po kursu navedenom u Programu ako drugačije nije ugovoreno. Cene su formirane na osnovu poslovne politike Organizatora i ne mogu biti predmet prigovora Putnika.

Cena uključuje, unapred pripremljenu i objavljenu kombinaciju najmanje dve ili više sledećih usluga: vodiča, prevoza, pripreme i organizacije putovanja, za koje je ugovorena jedinstvena cena koju putnik plaća.

Cena aranžmana ne uključuje, ako nešto drugo nije posebno ugovoreno, troškove: Obroke, smeštaj, ulaznice, turističke takse, usluge lokalnih vodiča, putno i zdravstveno osiguranje, individualne troškove, kao i sve ostale troškove koji nisu specificirani kao uključeni u cenu Putovanja.

Organizator ne može biti odgovoran za fakultativne i naknadno izvršene usluge po zahtevu Putnika, a koje izvrši i naplati neposredni davalac usluga, a koje nisu bile predviđene Programom.


Organizator može zahtevati povećanje ugovorene cene ako je nakon zaključenja ugovora došlo do promene u kursu razmene valute, ili do promene u tarifama prevoznika koje utiču na cenu Putovanja, kao i u drugim slučajevima predviđenim zakonom. O povećanju cene, Organizator je dužan izvestiti Putnika, elektronski, bez odlaganja, a po saznanju uzroka koji su doveli do povećanja cene.

Za povećanje cene do 10% nije potrebna posebna saglasnost Putnika, a ukoliko povećanje ukupne ugovorene cene prelazi 10%, putnik može raskinuti Ugovor bez obaveze naknade štete, ali najkasnije u roku od 48 sati, od dostavljanja obaveštenja elektronskim putem o povećanju cene, u kom slučaju ima pravo na povraćaj onoga što je platio Organizatoru, a u roku od 8 dana od dana dostavljanja pismenog otkaza u elektronskom obliku na email adresu Ukoliko u naznačenom roku Putnik pismeno ne obavesti Organizatora da odustaje od ugovora, smatra se da je saglasan sa novom cenom.

Organizator može u svako doba da, zavisno od tržišnih kretanja i sopstvene poslovne politike, umanji cenu Putovanja. Umanjenje deluje samo ubuduće i nije od uticaja na već zaključene ugovore, pa ne može predstavljati osnov bilo kakvih zahteva prema Organizatoru za povraćaj eventualne razlike u ceni.


Organizator može otkazati Putovanje potpuno ili delimično u slučaju nastupanja vanrednih okolnosti koje da su postojale u vreme objavljivanja Programa bile opravdan razlog Organizatoru da Program ne objavljuje i Ugovore ne zaključuje.

Organizator zadržava pravo promene dana ili sata putovanja, kao i pravo promene maršrute putovanja, ukoliko se promene uslovi za putovanje (zatvoreni putevi, bezbednosna situacija, elementarne nepogode ili druge vanredne okolnosti) bez obaveze isplate štete, odnosno plaćanja bilo kakve naknade putniku.

Ugovoreni smeštaj može se zameniti samo smeštajem u objektu iste ili više kategorije, a na teret Orgazniatora. Putnik je dužan prihvatiti promenu smeštaja u drugom objektu iste ili više kategorije u istom mestu. Smeštaj u objekte niže kategorije može se izvršiti samo uz sagasnost Putnika I plaćanje naknade Putniku srazmerno manjoj kategorizaciji smeštajnog objekta.

Organizator ne preuzima odgovornost za promene programa putovanja usled nepredvidivih okolnosti I više sile u toku Putovanja.

Ukoliko se Putovanje iz opravdanih razloga prekida, Organizator ima pravo na naknadu za stvarno pružene usluge.

Organizator je ovlašćen otkazati putovanje u slučaju nedovoljnog broja prijavljenih putnika definisanog u Programu, ukoliko se radi o grupnom putovanju, o čemu je dužan obavestiti putnike najkasnije 3 dana pre predviđenog početka putovanja i dužan je da izvrši Putniku povraćaj uplaćenih sredstava u celosti najkasnije u roku od 15 dana od dana otkaza.

Organizator se oslobađa ispunjenja Ugovora onda, ako Putnik u okviru grupnog putovanja ometa sprovođenje putovanja usled grubog i nedoličnog ponašanja, bez obzira na izrečenu opomenu. U tom slučaju Putnik ima obavezu, ukoliko je kriv, da organizatoru nadoknati pričinjenu štetu.


Putnik ima pravo da odustane od putovanja, o čemu je dužan pismeno (elektronskom poštom) izvestiti Organizatora. Datum prijema elektronske pošte predstavlja osnov za obračun naknade koja pripada Organizatoru, izražene procentualno po skali otkaza u odnosu na ukupnu cenu putovanja, ako Programom nije drugačije određeno i to:

- Za otkazivanje 45 i više dana pre termina zadržavamo 10% od cene Putovanja

- Za otkazivanje između 30 i 44 dana pre termina zadržavamo 30% od cene Putovanja

- Za otkazivanje između 7 i 29 dana pre termina zadržavamo 50% od cene Putovanja

- Za otkazivanje između 6 i 1 dana pre termina zadržavamo 80% od cene Putovanja

- U slučaju nepojavljivanja ili otkazivanja na dan Putovanja zadržavamo 100% od cene Putovanja

Promena ugovorenog mesta početka ili završetka Putovanja, datuma Putovanja, prevoznog sredstva, smeštajnog objekta, smeštajne jedinice, nedobijanje vize, neplaćanje ugovorene cene i slično, smatra se odustajanjem Putnika od Putovanja.

Putnik je u obavezi Organizatoru naknaditi samo stvarne, odnosno učinjene troškove (troškove prevoza, smeštaja, organizacije putovanja i sl.), ukoliko je do otkaza došlo zbog:

- iznenadne bolesti putnika, bračnog druga, deteta, roditelja, brata ili  sestre putnika, usvojenika i usvojioca,

- smrti putnika, bračnog druga, deteta, roditelja, brata ili sestre putnika, usvojenika i usvojioca,

- poziva za vojnu vežbu putnika ili  elementarne nepogode ili vanrednog stanja zvanično proglašenih od nadležnog organa zemlje putovanja.

Za navedene slučajeve Putnik je obavezan dostaviti Organizatoru dokaz kojim se ostvaruju prava iz zdravstvenog osiguranja po osnovu privremene sprečenosti za rad (potvrdu izabranog lekara iz oblasti opšte medicine, odnosno otpusnu listu stacionarne zdravstvene ustanove kojom se izričito potvrđuje iznenadna bolest i nemogućnost putovanja), odnosno umrlicu, odnosno poziv za vojnu vežbu. Ne mogu se smatrati opravdanim razlozima za otkaz ili prekid putovanja Putnika slučajevi lokalnih terorističkih napada, eksplozija, zaraze, epidemije i druge bolesti, elementarne nepogode, klimatski uslovi i slično, za koje nije proglašeno vanredno stanje od strane nadležnih državnih organa domicilne ili zemlje putovanja.

Iznenadna bolest podrazumeva od strane ovlašćenog lekara utvrđeno iznenadno i neočekivano oboljenje, odnosno infektivnu bolest ili organski poremećaj, koji nastane posle zaključenja ugovora o putovanju i nije u vezi sa, niti je posledica  nekog  prethodnog zdravstvenog stanja,  a  takve  je  prirode  da  zahteva  lečenje,  boravak  u  bolnici (hospitalizaciju) i onemogućava početak - korišćenje ugovorenog putovanja.

Za navedene slučajeve Putnik je obavezan dostaviti pisane dokaze Organizatoru. Organizator, u slučaju da Putnik koji je odustao, obezbedi odgovarajuću zamenu ili pak zamenu izvrši Organizator, dužan je Putniku izvršiti povraćaj uplaćenih sredstava u ukupnom iznosu, po odbitku samo stvarnih i učinjenih troškova (transakcione provizije, izdavanje vize Republike Srbije i slično).

Vremenski uslovi na destinaciji (npr. kiša, sneg, vetar) nisu razlog da putnik poništi ugovor o putovanju-prijavi i primenjivaće se tačka 7, ovih opštih uslova.

U slučaju odustanka od putovanja koje je pokriveno polisom osiguranja, putnik svoje pravo ostvaruje direktno od osiguravača.


U cenu putovanja nije uključeno putno osiguranje osiguranje od otkaza i osiguranje prtljaga. Organizator savetuje zaključenje osiguranja za otkaz putovanja, osiguranja prtljaga, osiguranja putne odgovornosti, zdravstvenog osiguranja i osiguranja protiv nezgoda.

Ugovor o osiguranju se zaključuje samo između Putnika i osiguravajuće kompanije, kome se eventualni zahtevi direktno upućuju. Putnik treba da pročita uslove osiguranja i obaveze iz ugovora o osiguranju. Premije osiguranja nisu sastavni deo cene Putovanja i dospevaju odmah pri zaključivanju ugovora o osiguranju. Potpisivanjem Ugovora Putnik potvrđuje da je informisan i upućen na obezbeđenje paketa putnog osiguranja. Paket putnog osiguranja ne pokriva obavezno zdravstveno osiguranje, te se Putniku preporučuje da isto obezbedi, jer u suprotnom to može biti razlog da naše ili strane pogranične vlasti ne dozvole dalje putovanje ili da Putnik mora sam platiti značajne troškove eventualnog lečenja.

Note Differently doo poseduje garanciju putovanja za slučaj insolventnosti i naknade štete polisa broj 30000011940 od 08.04.2019. zaključenog sa Akcionarskim društvom za osiguranje „Milenijum osiguranje”, Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 3B, 11000 Beograd. Ovom polisom osigurava se: 1) Potraživanje nastalo usled nemogućnosti osiguranika kao organizatora putovanja da zbog insloventnosti izmiri troškove nužnog smeštaja, ishrane i povratka putnika sa putovanja, u mesto polaska u zemlji i inostranstvu u smislu Posebnih uslova za osiguranje potražaivanja od turističkih agencija za slučaj insolventosti. 2) Zakonska građanska odgovornost osiguranika, kao organizatora putovanja, za štete koje prouzrokuje putniku neispunjenjem, delimičnim ispunjenjem ili neurednim ispunjenjem obaveza koje su određene Opštim uslovima pitovanja i programom putovanja u smislu Uslova za osiguranje turističkih agencija. Ugovoreni ukupni jedinstveni limit pokrića po polisi u iznosu od 300,000€ u dinarskoj protivvrednosti na dan obračuna naknade iz osiguranja. Limit se iscrpljuje isplatom naknade štete.

U slučaju nastanka osiguranog slučaja kao posledica insolventnosti Organiztora putnik se može obratiti Kompaniji Milenijum Osiguranje a.d.o. i polisa se može aktivirati pozivom na broj telefona (011 7152300) ili na email (


Putnik je obavezan bez odlaganja na licu mesta opravdani prigovor saopštiti lokalnom predstavniku Organizatora, a u hitnim slučajevima ako ovaj nije trenutno dostupan, neposrednom pružaocu usluge (npr. prevozniku, hotelijeru i dr.) ili ako ta lica nisu navedena u putnim dokumetima direktno Organizatoru.

Za pomoć, hitne i druge slučajeve, kao i reklamacije Putnik može kontaktirati Organizatora preko tel. broja

0669008386, svakog dana (ponedeljak-petak) od 09:30 do 19h, po srednjeevropskom vremenu ili elektronskom poštom: Za hitne i slične postupke potrebno je da Putnik navede broj ugovora, mesto putovanja, naziv smeštajnog objekta, imena putnika, adresu ili broj telefona i dr. preko kojih se može kontaktirati.

Putnik je u obavezi da sarađjuje i sačeka da se opravdani prigovor na licu mesta otkloni u okviru od 24-48h (npr. kvar frižidera, nestanak struje ili vode, loše očišćen apartman i dr. nedostaci) i prihvati ponuđeno rešenje koje odgovara ugovorenoj usluzi.

Ako uzrok prigovora nije otklonjen na licu mesta, Putnik sa predstavnikom Organizatora ili neposrednim izvršiocem usluga (smeštaja, prevoza i drugih usluga iz Programa) o tome sastavlja pisanu potvrdu u dva primerka koju obe strane sačinjavaju i potpisuju. Putnik zadržava jedan primerak ove potvrde.

Ako je uzrok prigovora otklonjen na licu mesta, Putnik je obavezan potpisati potvrdu o istom. Iako ne potpiše potvrdu, činjenica da je nastavio korišćenje adekavtnog alternativnog rešenja smatra se da je Program u celosti izvršen.

Lokalni predstavnici nemaju pravo da priznaju bilo kakve zahteve za naknadu, već isključivo Organizator.

Putnik ne može da zahteva srazmerno sniženje cene, raskid Ugovora i naknadu štete ako nesavesno i na propisani način propusti da na licu mesta, bez odlaganja i blagovremeno obavesti ovlašćenog predstavnika i Organizatora  o nedostacima između pruženih i ugovorenih usluga.

Ukoliko nedostaci nisu otklonjeni na licu mesta, Putnik je obavezan u roku od osam dana od dana završetka putovanja, isključivo Organizatoru, dostavi osnovan i dokumentovan prigovor (pisani prigovor na licu mesta, račune o plaćenim troškovima, zahtev po vrstama neizvršenih usluga činjenično konkretizovan i kvantifikovan u odnosu na svakog putnika ponaosob, svedoke i druge dokaze) i može zahtevati povraćaj razlike u ceni između ugovorenih i neizvršenih odnosno delimično izvršenih usluga. Svaki Putnik u svoje ime i u ime lica iz ugovora ili lica sa urednim punomoćjem za zastupanje, prigovor podnosi pojedinačno, jer Organizator neće razmatrati grupne prigovore.

Pritužbe i druge postupke Putnik je obavezan dostaviti u elektronskoj formi na adresu Pored same pritužbe potrebno je dostaviti i skenirana druga dokumenta koja potkrepljuju zahtev Putnika (računi, prigovor sa lica mesta, izjave svedoka…).

Organizator je dužan uzeti u postupak samo blagovremene, obrazložene i dokumentovane prigovore po učinjenoj reklamaciji Putnika, a kojima se uzrok nije mogao otkloniti u toku putovanja na licu mesta.

Organizator je dužan u roku od 15 dana dostaviti Putniku odgovor elektronskom poštom na adresu sa koje je prigovor stigao. I ukoliko je prigovor osnovan obeštetiti Putnika srazmerno neispunjenom uslugom, a isplatom razlike u ceni, sve od dana prijema urednog prigovora.

Ukoliko prigovor nije kompletan i isti treba urediti, organizator će dostaviti putniku odgovor da isti u ostavljenom roku uredi pod pretnjom propuštanja.

Organizator će u skladu sa dobrim poslovnim običajima u zakonskom roku odgovoriti putniku i po reklamacijama koje su neblagovremene, neosnovane ili neuredne.

Sniženje cene po reklamaciji putnika može dostići samo iznos reklamiranog, a neizvršenog dela usluge, ne može obuhvatiti već iskorisćene usluge, niti dostići iznos celokupne ugovorene cene. Visina naknade, koja se isplaćuje po osnovanom i blagovremenom prigovoru, srazmerna je stepenu neizvršene, odnosno delimično izvršene usluge.

Ukoliko Putnik prihvati isplatu naknade na ime srazmernog sniženja cene, ili koji drugi vid naknade, podrazumeva se da je saglasan sa predlogom Organizatora za mirno rešenje spora, te se na taj način odrekao svih daljih potraživanja prema Organizatoru u vezi spornog odnosa, bez obzira na činjenicu da li je o tome potpisao pismenu potvrdu o izvršenoj refundaciji sa klauzulom o konačnom razrešenju medjusobnih spornih odnosa.

Svaki zahtev Putnika za iniciranje postupka pred drugim licima pre isteka roka za rešavanje prigovora smatraće se preuranjenim kao i obaveštavanje javnih glasila i medija povredom Ugovora.


Sve usluge navedene u Programu podrazumevaju standardne usluge prosečnog kvaliteta, uobičajene i specifične za određene destinacije, mesta i objekte. Organizator ne  odgovara za  opise  usluga  u  katalozima  –  publikacijama  ili  na  internet stranicama Posrednika i neposrednih pružalaca  usluga (npr. hotela, prevoznika i dr. lica).

Internet stranica Organizatora je informativnog karaktera. Iako se redovno ažurira, postoji mogućnost različitih informacija od trenutno važećih. Katalozi – publikacije  Organizatora  su  informativnog  karaktera  i  postoji  mogućnost  različitih  informacija  od  trenutno važećih. Sve informacije proveriti direktno u agenciji.

Organizator odgovara samo za opise usluga sadržanih u svojim Programima, s tim da očigledne štamparske i računske greške daju pravo Organizatoru na osporavanje Ugovora.

Smeštaj, prevozna sredstva i druge usluge opisani su prema službenoj kategorizaciji domicilne zemlje u vreme objavljivanja Putovanja, različiti su i nisu uporedivi po destinacijama, pa ni u okviru iste destinacije.

Datum  početka  i  završetka  Putovanja  ne  podrazumeva  celodnevni  boravak  putnika  u smeštajnom  objektu,  odnosno destinaciji. Vreme polaska ili dolaska putnika i ulaska ili izlaska Putnika iz smeštaja uslovljen je politikom smeštaja, stanju na putevima, tehničkim i vremenskim uslovima ili višom silom koje mogu da utiču na vreme polaska ili dolaska na koje Organizator ne može uticati, te zbog toga za takve slučajeve Organizator ne snosi odgovornost.

Usluga turističkog vodiča tokom Putovanja ne podrazumeva da će sa putnicima provoditi celokupno vreme tokom 24h, već da će sa njima biti tokom samog puta, kao i na lokalitetima koji se organizovano posećuju. Turistički vodič nije obavezan da bude sa gostima u periodu koji je u toku Programa označen kao “slobodno vreme”, ali im je na raspolaganju telefonom u slučaju da im je njegova pomoć potrebna i obavezan je da u slučaju hitne potrebe (hitni medicinski razlozi, gubitak dokumenata, problem sa smeštajem i slično) im se stavi na raspolaganje u najkraćem mogućem roku.


Smeštaj može biti različit po vrsti: hoteli, pansioni, seoska domaćinstva. Zajedničko svima je da su to zvanične smeštajne jedinice kategorizovane prema pozitivnim propisima Republike Srbije ili druge države u kojima se Putovanje realizuje. Raspored soba određuje recepcija ili vlasnik domaćinstva u mestu boravka. Putnik će biti smešten u bilo koju službeno registrovanu smeštajnu jedinicu u smeštajnom objektu opisanom u Programu, bez obzira na osobenosti putnika, lokaciju i položaj objekta, spratnost, blizinu buke, parkinga i dr. katakteristike. Putnik preuzima obavezu upoznavanja i poštovanja pravila ponašanja u smeštajnom objektu a naročito na: deponovanja i čuvanja novca, dragocenosti i vrednih stvari, unos hrane i pića u sobe, poštovanje reda, smeštaja i napuštanja sobe u određeno vreme, broj osoba u sobi i dr. jer Organizator ne odgovara za štete nastale po tom osnovu.

Obroci se mogu realizovati na dva načina, kao deo Programa ili kao dodatna usluga koja nije uključena u Program i koju realizuju treća lica -ugostitelji. Ukoliko su obroci deo Programa onda je ili deo usluge koju pružaju smeštajni kapaciteti: hoteli, pansioni, seoska domaćinstva, ili je to zasebna usluga koju obezbeđuje za tu priliku posebno angažovan ugostitelj (restoran, seosko domaćinstvo, vinarija). Ukoliko je obrok zasebna usluga posebno angažovanog ugostitelja meni se može ugovoriti na osnovu zahteva Putnika pre zaključenja Ugovora i onda postaje njegov sastavni deo. Obroci u hotelima, pansionima i seoskim domaćinstavima se pripremaju na osnovnu politike kuće i Organizator nema uticaj na njihov sastav. Obroci se pripremaju u skladu sa uobičajenim nutricionističkim navikama prostora gde se Putovanje realizuje, ukoliko Putnik ima neke posebne zahteve u pogledu ishrane (zdravstveni, verski ili neki drugi razlozi), potrebno je da to naglasi prilikom ugovaranja Putovanja, u suprotnom IT neće biti odgovoran za nezadovoljenje ovakvih zahteva i takvi prigovori se neće smatrati osnovanim.

Prevoz se realizuje angažovanjem vozila trećih lica i prevoznika. Putovanja se realizuju putničkim vozilom, mini-venom i kombijem, s tim što se po potrebi mogu angažovati i veća vozila kada to zahteva konkretno Putovanje i kada je to definisano Programom. Putnik ima obavezu primerenog ponašanja u vozilu i poštovanje sobraćajnih propisa u suprotnom Organizator ima pravo da ga ne primi u vozilo ili u prisustvu policije udalji iz vozila i dalji prevoz do odredišta neće biti obaveza Organizatora. Ukoliko Putnik zbog udaljavanja iz vozila odustane od Putovanja, primenjivaće se skala otkaza iz tačke 7 Opštih uslova. Putni pravac, pauze, mesta i dužine njihovog trajanja određuje vodič/ vozač. Vodič/vozač ima pravo da, zbog nepredvidivih, neizbežnih ili bezbednosnih i sličnih okolnosti, promeni red vožnje, itinerer puta ili redosled obilazaka lokalitata.


Isključiva je odgovornost Putnika da se informiše o viznom režimu države iz koje dolazi i Republike Srbije. Organizator ne snosi odgovornost i nije dužan da upozna i informiše Putnike na uslove (vizne, carinske, zdravstvene i dr.) koji važe između zemlje državljanstva Putnika i Republike Srbije, kao i država odredišta ili tranzita, već je obaveza Putnika da se informiše kod nadležnog konzulata i da sam obezbedi potrebne uslove i isprave blagovremeno i uredno. Ukoliko Putnik za vreme Putovanja izgubi putne isprave ili mu budu ukradene, dužan je da o svom trošku blagovremeno obezbedi nove i snosi sve eventualne štetne posledice po tom osnovu.

Putnik je dužan da pre zaključenja Ugovora navede posebne potrebe i usluge vezane za njegovo zdravstveno stanje, kao što su specifična ishrana ili karakteristike smeštaja, zbog hronične bolesti, alergije, invaliditeta i drugo, jer u protivnom Organizator ne preuzima nikakvu posebnu obavezu, odgovornost ni štetu po tom osnovu.

Putnik je dužan da striktno poštuje carinske, devizne i druge propise Republike Srbije, tranzitnih i zemalja u kojima boravi, te u slučaju nemogućnosti nastavka putovanja, odnosno boravka sve posledice i troškove podnese o svom trošku.

Ukoliko se Putovanje ne može realizovati zbog propusta Putnika vezano za odredbe ovog dela Uslova, primenuju se odredbe tačke 7 Opštih uslova.


Kod prevoza autobusom putnik može poneti 2 komada prtljaga po korisniku sedišta. Deca do dve godine nemaju pravo na besplatan prtljag. Putnik je dužan voditi brigu o svojim stvarima unetim u prevozno sredstvo i unetom u smeštajni objekat. Sva svoja prava po navedenom, Putnik ostvaruje direktno od prevoznika, pružaoca usluge smeštaja ili osiguranja, a prema važećim međunarodnim i domaćim propisima. Prenos prtljaga od mesta parkiranja do smeštajne jedinice je obaveza Putnika (prevoz će biti što je moguće bliže smeštajnom objektu). Za nestanak ili oštećenje prtljaga u prevozu, kao i u transportu od parkinga do smeštajnog objekta, kao i za zaboravljene stvari u prevoznom sredstvu Organizator ne snosi odgovornost.

Putnik ima obavezu da prijavi gubitak, oštećenja ili nestanak prtljaga u toku puta predstavniku Organizatora ili neposrednog izvršioca usluge.


Program putovanja po zahtevu Putnika: Individualno putovanje (dalje: Program po zahtevu) Putnika jeste kombinacija dve ili više usluga, koji se ne nalazi u ponudi Organizatora, odnosno koji Organizator nije prethodno objavio, već ga je sačinio po zahtevu Putnika.

Na Program po zahtevu analogno se primenjuju odredbe tačaka Opštih uslova, ako ovom tačkom nije drugačije regulisano. Pojedinačne usluge i “Rezervacije na upit“: Ukoliko Putnik rezerviše ili ugovori samo jednu uslugu, Organizator nastupa samo kao posrednik tuđe usluge (dalje: Posrednik usluge).

Za individualne i “Rezervacije na upit” Putnik polaže na ime troškova rezervacije depozit koji ne može biti manji od 50€, a ukoliko je Putnik rezident onda 50€ u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po srednjem kursu NBS na dan uplate. Ukoliko rezervacija bude prihvaćena od strane Putnika, depozit se uračunava u cenu usluge. Ukoliko Organizator ne potvrdi rezervaciju u ugovorenom roku, depozit se u celosti vraća Putniku. Ako Putnik ne prihvati ponuđenu ili potvrđenu rezervaciju, a koja je u celosti u skladu sa zahtevima putnika, iznos depozita zadržava Organizator u celosti.

Organizator osim zbog svoje grube nepažnje i nemara, ne odgovara za nedostatke, materijalna i telesna oštećenja kod individualnih turističkih usluga po zahtevu putnika, za koje je on samo posrednik između Putnika i neposrednih pružaoca usluga (npr. pojedinačna usluga smeštaja, prevoza, ulaznice za sportske manifestacije, izlete, rent-a car i dr.). Dobijanjem dokaza o ugovorenoj pojedinačnoj usluzi stupaju na snagu ugovorni odnosi isključivo izmedju Putnika i svakog pojedinačnog pružaoca usluge.


Lični podaci putnika, koje isti daje dobrovoljno, predstavljaju poslovnu tajnu Organizatora. Putnik je saglasan da lične podatke Organizator može koristiti za realizaciju ugovorenog Programa putovanja, pri čemu se ne mogu saopštavati adrese, mesto, vreme i cena putovanja i imena saputnika drugim licima, osim licima određenim posebnim propisima.


Organizator može Pogramom ili  Posebnim uslovima putovanja predvideti drugačije odredbe u odnosu na ove Opšte uslove, zbog posebnih uslova i pravila neposrednim pružaocima usluga, kao i za putovanja sa posebnim sadržajima (povodom održavanja sportskih, kongresnih i sličnih međunarodnih manifestacija i posebnim vidovima turizma – đački, lov i ribolov, ekstremni sportovi i dr.) i koji čine sastavni deo takvih Ugovora.

Odredbe ovih Opštih uslova čine sastavni deo Ugovora između Putnika i Organizatora i obavezujuće su za obe ugovorne strane, osim odredbi koje su povoljnije za  putnika, a definisane posebnim pisanim  ugovorom ili programom putovanja.

Neefikasnost pojedinih odredbi Ugovora nema za posledicu neefikasnost čitavog Ugovora o putovanju, što važi i za ove Opšte uslove.

U slučaju spora nadležan je mesno nadležni sud prema sedištu Organizatora.

Beograd/Belgrade 01.08.2019.
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