We don’t do boring.

Experience a tailor-made visit for you and your team. In a new location. With the best local food and unique activities at surprising venues.

Belgrade is one of the last undiscovered capitals of Europe. After a turbulent 20th century it now has become a destination for those who want to discover a new and exciting location. Once the capital of socialist Yugoslavia it combines the charm of the old town in the center with the socialist architecture on the other side of the Sava river, which runs straight through the city and connects with the Danube. The rivers provide beaches and waterside restaurant and promenades and the unique floating clubs of Belgrade, providing the best nightlife in the Balkans!

We have been organizing tailor-made visits to Belgrade and Budapest for groups and companies since 2011. For each client we design a customized program, ranging from dinner-parties on unique locations to content-related study-visits. Our clients are mostly based in West Europe, Scandinavia, the US and the UK and they  trust us because of our team that consist of international and local staff, who understand your wishes, standards and goals.

Create the creative.

Our strength is our focus on creating original and unique events and programs tailor-made for your group. Yes, if you want we can organize a standard sightseeing tour, especially because there is a high chance that no-one in your group has ever been to Belgrade. But there is so much more to do. More fun, more unique, more crazy, more memorable. This is where we are different than other agencies.

Take for example that marketing-company which toured the city as communist leaders, mafia-gangs and Yugoslavian factory-workers, having photo-sessions on surprising locations and ending up all together for a customized Yugoslavian-styled dinner party in a hidden warehouse. Did we drive a car into the pop-up restaurant? Yes. Did we dance on the tables? For sure!

Or the bike-ride with 100 people through the national park of Fruska Gora, ending up right between the wine-yards for a traditional lunch and a very ‘rich’ wine-tasting, to end by going down the hills in a tractor with a trumpet band.

Besides the pure fun activities we also organize meetings and conferences. We know the locations that keep your audience inspired and love to think along how to make your event special.

How we work.

Our team is led by our Dutch founder Ralph, who knows Belgrade better than most of the locals. Together with his team he is always on the look-out for the best and most original event locations and thinks of the most fitting activities for your group.

We like to meet face-to-face with our clients well before the actual trip, preferably in Belgrade, to show you around and brainstorm together about the best program and locations. Once we really are on one line we will create an itinerary based on your wishes, budget, possibilities and impossibilities. Mutual understanding is the basis for trust, which to us is the core ingredient of a successful partnership. Belgrade is still unknown to most people, so to feel comfortable sending your team there you need to have a reliable partner who delivers what is promised. And more!

More than just cruising.

We combine our experience of hosting groups for creating on-shore activities for rivercruise guests in Belgrade, Budapest, Novi Sad and Vienna. For almost a decade we have been proudly working with our partners from the cruise-industry, including Viking Cruises, UniWorld, Avalon, Crystal Cruises, Tauck , Scenic, Emerald and Croisi Europe. Our goal is to provide the guests a unique experience while maintaining the level of service they enjoy at the ship. All our activities start and end at the ship and are fully customized for each cruise-partner and guests. We are proud to be the only provider of bike-tours and ebike tours in Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna. In most cities we also offer walking-tours focused on the local experience.  And in Belgrade our Yugotour shows guests around the history of socialist Yugoslavia from the backseat of a classic Yugoslav car, including a home-visit and visit to the Museum of Yugoslavia. 

Our cruise-partners enjoy the benefit of having one contact for their activities in different countries. Cruise companies also appreciate our flexible policy when it comes to adjusting last-minute to changing numbers of participants or weather circumstances. We have the highest guest to guide ratio in the industry which ensures the highest level of safety and provides a very personal experience for the guests.