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How it all started

Since 2004 our Dutch founder, Ralph, has been working in the Balkan region. First on projects to help young people starting their own business and later he moved into diplomacy. And as happens with those spending some time in this region, he fell deeply in love with the kindness of the people, the way of life, the beauty of the nature and the liveliness in the cities. Of all places he visited, Belgrade was the one that stole his heart and in 2011 he decided to totally change his career, quit his job, give away his suits and ties and move to Belgrade. He was motivated to help and inspire others and promote a healthier environment. This, in combination with his wish to have fun and share his love for Belgrade lead to the start of bike-tour company iBikeBelgrade.

Although Belgrade did not have many tourists back in 2011, the number of visitors grew and we have grown with it. We are the first bike-tour company in this not-so-bike-friendly city, but by taking extra good care of the safety of the guests we manage to have thousands of happy guests each year.  Especially because we show you those places you don’t see on other tours, the more raw side, the socialist architecture and places most locals don’t even know.

What happened next

In 2013 we started organizing tours for guests of river-cruise ships that come to Belgrade via the Danube river. This turned out such a success with the guests and the cruise-ship companies that we started offering tours in other cities down the Danube, like Budapest and Vienna. Now you can even arrange your complete cycling-holiday with us if you want to go bike along the Danube and further. We are the only company where you can pick up a bike in Budapest and drop it off in Belgrade again!

Besides expanding to other countries the team and the guides keep developing new tours and services. The Yugotour in Belgrade is a great success-story, which started with the crazy idea to drive people around the city in an old Zastava car, produced in socialist Yugoslavia. Belgrade used to be the capital of this country that doesn’t exist anymore, which is such an intriguing story while nobody was talking about it or showing the traces of this era to visitors. What started with on old car now turned into a fleet of cars and tours with very happy guests every day!

Also, more and more companies, organizations and groups are reaching out to us to organize a special experience in Belgrade and Serbia. Because of our combination of international and local staff we understand your wishes, goals and definition of fun, but also the level of quality you expect and the concerns you might have. This distinguishes us from others in the region and makes our clients coming back to us each time. On our DMC & Group page you can find more information about the services we can provide to your company.

Where we are now

As we expanded to different countries with more and more tours and services we starting to become a collection of small companies and teams, instead of becoming one strong company. That is why from 2019 we decided to bring everything together under one name and website; a name that combines our serious and professional side and our wish to make you see, feel, experience…….note things differently. That is why we are Note! Note helps you explore destinations in a fun and different way and leave you with a new and exciting experience. We do that by organizing unique and original tours, activities and services provided by passionate, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff and guides. You can find our offices in Belgrade, Budapest and Vienna:


Our humble headquarters are based in the center of Belgrade, at the Danube, where it all started. With a team of 5 staff-members we organize all tours and group-events in Belgrade and take care of finance, sales and company development. In Belgrade we offer bike-tours, bike-rent, Yugotours in old Zastava cars, Meet Belgrade Walking Tours and event management and production with our team of super-fun and experienced guides.


Our team in Budapest consists of General Manager Daniel and Operations Officer Ben, from England. Together with the girls and guys working at the shop helping the guests finding the right bike and our team of guides they organize bike and walking tours for thousands of cruise-ship passengers per year, show Budapest per eBike to over 200 guests per month and have good fun while doing it!


The youngest member of the Note –family is Vienna, where we started working on 2018 with bike-tours for two of our biggest cruise-ship partners. Manager Tibor used to be a guide in Belgrade before moving to Vienna. To him the tasks to develop Note Vienna into a company providing the same services as in the other cities, with the same level of quality and customer satisfaction.

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We adjust all our tours to our guests, so basically anybody can join. We have very comfortable
bikes with 7-gears and avoid hills in our routes.

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